Rehearsal Dinners

We make rehearsal dinners easy, affordable, and customizable to tailor to your specific needs. We want to make your event one to remember and like to work closely with our guests to ensure a great event. 


With a little bit of planning, you can choose from all three of our catering options.

Our BUFFET STYLE is great if you want a communal atmosphere and BBQ. Your guests help themselves to the buffet line with items you have chosen ahead of time. If you have over 30 guests we include a bartender and event manager. Or you can buy a keg or two and help yourselves!

Our INDIVIDUAL PLATE option is great if you want more of an intimate experience for your guests. We help you design a custom menu based off of plates from our regular menu. Your guests would then decide what they would like before the event. Additionally, we can create custom food options depending on the needs and/or preferences of you or your party. Seating is reserved with name plaques we provide and then our staff will deliver food to your guest's. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.  

Our PIZZA PARTY option works for your event if you want a no-frills sort of evening. Pretty straightforward, you decide what food you want off our menu and we deliver it to your tables.